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‘We are not being meek’, Prime Minister Bill English says on Trump travel ban


Asiawe- Prime Minister Bill English says New Zealand “disagrees” with the new directives from US President Trump that discriminates among refugees and migrants according to which country they come from.

Such a policy would not be implemented in New Zealand.

But that is as far as he is willing to go and he said that that amounted to criticism of the policy.

“We are not being meek at all,” he told reporters at the Karaka yearling sale this afternoon.

“President Trump has got to deal with his own issues and his own election promises. We don’t agree with the policy.

“We have yet to see just what turns out to be the long-term policy for the US because this is a temporary measure.”

Trump ordered a three-month ban on entry into the US by citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, as well as a permanent ban on Syrian refugees and a temporary ban other refugees.

English said the policy appeared to have created some chaos in the short term. He would see what the permanent policy turned out to be.

“In the same way as other leaders have indicated, we welcome our refugees and migrants wherever they come from. We are not going to discriminate amongst them in this sort of way – depending on what country they come from.”

English twice avoided saying whether he would raise the policy with Trump in any phone conversation he had with him.

“We are yet to see if we will be speaking to him in the next few days but I would expect to raise any issue that has an impact on New Zealand in our interests.” New Zealand Herald

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