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Using cultural heritage to develop world peace urged


Asiawe- Participants of an international conference on ‘Civilization and Cultural Heritage of Iran and the Malay World’ called for taking advantage of Iran-South-Eastern countries joint cultural heritage to develop world peace.

During the two-day conference which wrapped up work on Sunday, university professors and cultural and research figures of Iran, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia urged paving the way for creating friendship, interaction and cooperation to achieve social and moral values.

In the final statement of the conference, all participants stressed on holding more cultural meetings which will prepare the ground for world peace and welfare.

During the meeting, world researchers presented their works in the areas of literature, art, culture and history.

Members also agreed on efficiency and effectiveness of cultural talks based on joint heritage, stressing on creating suitable capacity to develop cultural, economic and political ties.

The event was hosted by the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and with the contribution of Iranian cultural attaché office in Malaysia, Asiawe Institute, University of Malaya campus for social science and art and the Malay studies department of the National University of Singapore.

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