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Asia WE activities are frozen indefinitely


The following announcement concerns future activities of Asia West-East Institute (Asia WE).

Asia WE is a start-up project led by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to build better bridges between West and East Asia, which explains the choice of such a unifying name. The title itself was born in discussions about interests of founding members and their optimism about the future of inter-Asian relationships of various kind – political, economical, cultural, at different tracks – from the governmental level to public diplomacy.

Unfortunately, after conducting a series of successful events, many of an academically oriented kind, the paths of its members parted, and it was decided to halt the activities indefinitely.

We thank all our supporters for participating in the activities conducted by Asia WE for the past years and hope similar projects will emerge to carry on with this important mission we believed in.

Thus, we would like to notify all our followers and supporters that all the activities by Asia WE are frozen indefinitely. We hereby consider any use of the name, logo, webpages as products of collective endeavour by its founders, invalid and unlawful from now on. Any use of those should be considered an unauthorised individual attempt and not an expression of any collective effort by Asia WE in a whole.

The materials of the website will remain intact but there will be no updates in the nearest future.

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